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AVOs + Protection Orders

AVOs and Protection Orders in Canberra

Pursuing a Remedy in Canberra with an AVO Lawyer

When the lines of interpersonal communication breakdown, and there is a possibility the justice system may become involved, seeking help from a Canberra AVO lawyer can shed important light on the situation. If you wish to obtain an AVO or protection order (officially referred to us Family Violence Orders or Personal Protection Orders) making the proper application to the court to demonstrate the relevant facts requires careful preparation. If you are in the position of responding to or contesting a protection order, having legal representation can be just as important as if you were to face actual criminal charges — which can result from the contravention of an AVO.

The Importance of Working with a Canberra AVO Lawyer 

Applying for an AVO can be a difficult decision for any individual, especially when considering that emotions often run high in these cases. However, it is worth taking a step back and selecting the best representation for your case. There are several reasons for this:

  • You should have a full understanding of your rights. AVOs are not only applicable after violence has already occurred. The threat of violence, stalking, intimidation or even harassing or economic abuse can meet the definition of “family violence”. 
  • There are precise requirements that an application must meet for a court to finalise an AVO, including the demonstration of a relevant relationship and in-depth consideration of the circumstances. The test the court uses can seem complicated, but a skilled lawyer can help to clear the way. 

What You Should Know About Using an AVO Defence Lawyer in Canberra 

Unfortunately, AVOs are not always used for their intended purposes. In some cases, one party may attempt to use the application for an AVO as a tool against the other party. Applications made with an ulterior motive require a vigorous defence. Here is what you should consider in such a situation. 

  • This application is not a criminal proceeding and will not leave you with a criminal record. However, if you receive an AVO, violating its terms often carries criminal penalties. There are other consequences as well, as AVOs may affect your eligibility to work in some job roles or in keeping a firearms licence. Representation is key to protecting your livelihood in such scenarios.
  • Supporting your position requires witnesses and evidence. While the burden of proof for the necessity of an AVO lies with the applicant, providing contrasting information can provide the context the court requires. 

What Sets Us Apart When You Need a Protection Order Lawyer in Canberra? 

At McKenna Taylor, we strive to support you during this difficult period by removing the burden from your shoulders and providing clear solutions for your next steps. There are several ways in which we distinguish ourselves:

  • Transparency and reliability. We will always be clear about what you can expect from pursuing your case, just as we are always accessible when you have questions or concerns. Regular client updates are an essential part of our work. In the office and court, we are your biggest advocate.
  • Clear dedication. A focus on the facts of the case is necessary, and when making a defence, the ability to engage with in-depth research and innovative thinking can be vital in identifying the proper legal pathway forward. 

Facing the need to mount a defence or to request a protectionorder can feel overwhelming before you even begin to factor in court appearances. Keeping experienced help in control of your case will streamline the process, clarify potential outcomes, and provide greater peace of mind.