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Drink Driving, Drug Driving + Traffic Offences

Drink Driving, Drug Driving and Traffic Offences in Canberra

Defending Yourself with the Help of a Drink Driving Lawyer in Canberra

After reading above the legal limit, no matter how low or high the detected alcohol content, you are likely to face a criminal charge. Partnering with a drink driving lawyer in Canberra to defend against any charges brought by the police is an essential step. Facing charges for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be the first serious brush with the law you’ve had in your life — so what happens next? Appearing in court before a judge is an intimidating prospect for everybody. Having a well-respected legal team on your side can make this process less stressful and afford you more options. 

What to Expect from a Drink Driving Lawyer in Canberra

If you’ve never encountered legal trouble before, you’ve likely never had occasion to consider working with the lawyers from a drink driving law firm. Just as you may not know what to expect in court, partnering with legal representation can seem like a mystery, too. Drink driving charges carry lengthy driver licence disqualification periods, court fines and even imprisonment sentences in some cases. Here’s what you should expect from any lawyer you choose to retain:

  • A clear sense of your legal standing and what to do next. Your lawyer should be able to explain what you face, what it all means, and how you can prepare for the next stage in your legal journey appropriately. 
  • A good reputation with a clear commitment to your cause. Choosing a lawyer that has a proven track record of ability in this area ensures that your case receives the level of thoughtful attention it deserves. 
  • An ability to concisely explain what you need to know. You shouldn’t need a law degree yourself to speak to your lawyer. Work with someone who can dispense with the legalese to clearly explain the facts. In drink and drug driving cases, for example, avoiding charges altogether is often very difficult; reducing the duration of licence disqualification time, however, is more common. Lawyers can help in reducing the disqualification period by many months or even years. 

What You Should Know About Our DUI Defence Lawyers in Canberra

At McKenna Taylor, we are here to demystify the legal process for our clients while providing well-considered insights and robust strategies for proceeding towards the best possible outcome for your case. Here are a few things to know about our team:

  • Our team is young, highly engaged, and committed to delivering the best representation for every client. When your livelihood is on the line, we understand that you expect a top-shelf service. We continually direct our energies towards developing your cases. 
  • We have extensive experience in defending cases heard before both the ACT Magistrates Court and the ACT Supreme Court. With an excellent reputation appearing in front of judges, we ensure proceedings move more smoothly. 
  • We take our responsibilities seriously. From informing you honestly of what and when things will happen to providing updates as soon as possible, we do not leave clients in the dark. 

Key Questions to Ask a Drug Driving Defence Lawyer

Entering the legal system by way of a drug-driving charge can be disorienting and overwhelming — for many, it is not the type of situation they’ve ever imagined for themselves. When you sit down with drug driving lawyers, what should you ask about to help put solid ground beneath your feet again? Here are a few ideas. 

  • What potential outcomes am I facing right now? In many cases, licence disqualification — for between 6 months and 3 years for first offenders — is the most likely outcome. There is no gaol time for first-time offenders, but a repeat offender may face up to three months in custody. 
  • How long will it take to resolve my case? The answer to this question depends on many factors, including whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty. Pleas of guilty can commonly be finalised within around 3 months while defended hearings can take between 6 – 12 months to be reached.
  • What types of defences are available to me? In drug driving cases, it can feel as though the deck is stacked in favour of the police, as they do not need to prove you were impaired at the time of a drug test. Your lawyer will examine your case in detail to explore potential defences such as whether you were on a public road, whether the tests were properly conducted or whether drugs may have been innocently ingested. 

How Can You Mount an Effective Negligent Driving Defence in Canberra? 

At first, you may feel hopeless — every possible “worst-case scenario” comes to mind and seeing an outcome that does not result in a substantial upset to your lifestyle may feel impossible. However, there are many potential avenues for a DUI law firm in Canberra to explore in your defence. These might include:

  • Accidental circumstances. It may be the case that you can argue against a negligent driving charge by showing that the actions leading to the incident were accidental. For example, a mechanical defect with your vehicle, such as a stuck accelerator might qualify.
  • Emergency or necessity. Perhaps one of the most common scenarios people can imagine is the one in which an individual must rush a sick family member to the hospital but breaks the rules of the road in the process. You may be able to argue necessity in such a case. 
  • A situation that placed you under serious duress. While these scenarios are rarer and the burden of evidence you must meet is comparatively high this narrow defence necessitates specific events, namely a situation in which you had no choice but to drive dangerously due to an imminent threat. 

The Importance of an Experienced Dangerous Driving Lawyer in Canberra 

Having a dangerous driving lawyer on your side is about more than personal peace of mind, though that is undoubtedly an important component to the overall equation. However, there are other reasons your selection makes a difference. An engaged and motivated lawyer can offer:

  • Greater familiarity with relevant cases and laws. 
  • Respectable representation in court that reflects positively on your case. 
  • The ability to remain on time and target as your case progresses.

If you face charges related to the operation of a vehicle, from drink-driving to dangerous driving, the potential monetary fines and gaol time may be substantial — particularly if you have prior convictions. Availing yourself of your legal rights and developing a clear understanding of the path ahead is crucial to advocate for a better outcome. Seek out insight on the specific facts of your case as soon as possible.