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Drug Possession + Trafficking

Drug Possession and Trafficking in Canberra

Selecting a Drug Defence Lawyer for Robust Representation

The police and the courts continue to use a heavy hand with individuals accused of crimes involving prohibited substances and having a well-versed drug defence lawyer to stand up for you in court can make a meaningful difference. Even simple possession is a serious charge which requires a vigorous defence; in especially severe cases where alleged trafficking occurred, having counsel to develop your position or to advocate for leniency before the court is a necessity. 

The Importance of Retaining a Drug Crime Lawyer

Putting your mind at ease is difficult when you face charges but achieving some peace of mind is simpler when you have top legal minds working on your case. Finding a firm you can trust is vital for several reasons:

  • The penalties for crimes involving drugs can be harsh and often include a gaol component. In the most severe cases, such as serious trafficking or drug importation offences, that component can amount to a lifetime gaol term. Even minor possession cases carry a maximum gaol penalty of up to two years. Lesser sentences can still involve hefty fines and community service. 
  • If you are pleading guilty to drug charges your representation will be essential for the outcome of the sentencing. A proficient lawyer can make arguments on your behalf that stress why the circumstances merit leniency.

What You Should Know About Using a Drug Trafficking Lawyer in Canberra

For those who have never had a brush with the legal system before, it can be challenging to know which way is up — to say nothing of how to approach working with a lawyer. Here are a couple of things to know:

  • Be honest with your counsel. A special relationship exists between lawyers and clients subject to a legal principle called “privilege.” In other words, your conversations with your lawyer are private and confidential. 
  • Don’t delay in securing representation and avoid making statements regarding your case to the police until you have received legal advice. The serious consequences involved merit a very careful approach to your lawsuit. 

What to Expect from McKenna Taylor as Your Drug Possession Law Firm in Canberra 

At McKenna Taylor, we put the focus on your case, delivering attentive legal support that delves into the details with a focus on identifying the best possible solutions. When working with our experienced drug lawyers in Canberra, you can expect:

  • A robust technical understanding of the law. Drug crime defences often turn on complex legal principles and small details in the handling of the case, such as issues with the police chain of custody or how a search was conducted. We explore every avenue using our experience and innovative thinking. 
  • A top-shelf experience that takes the process out of your hands. From preparing you for what will happen in the courtroom to keeping you apprised of all updates to your case, we care for our clients from the first consultation. 

Uncertainty and confusion are reasonable things to feel when the police investigate or bring drug charges against you. Though the potential consequences are serious, enlisting assistance from an energetic and versatile law firm can help clear the way towards restoring some stability to your life.