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Sexual Assaults

Sexual Assault Charges in Canberra

Finding a Sexual Assault Lawyer to Handle Sensitive Cases

Few legal situations can feel as disorienting as facing sexual assault charges in Canberra, especially when it may seem as though the allegations have come without warning. It is crucial that the accused decline to participate in any police interview before discussions with legal counsel. Your words may be used to build the case against you. Even though you may feel compelled to speak up, that is a task better left to a sexual assault defence lawyer. Due to the sensitive nature of such charges, prosecutors often vigorously pursue cases through to a trial’s conclusion. Securing appropriate representation early in the process is therefore critical. 

What You Should Know About the Assistance a Sexual Assault Lawyer Can Provide 

A lawyer is not merely someone who speaks for you in court or blustery language on a legal letterhead; in fact, your experience with representation should be different and deeper than that. What should you be able to expect from a lawyer working on your case? 

  • An honest perspective on your situation and your next steps. These are serious charges, with proceedings usually held before the ACT Supreme Court. It is crucial to know where you stand concerning potential outcomes. In the most serious cases of sexual intercourse without consent, the charges carry lengthy gaol sentences. Your lawyer should prepare you to look at the situation clearly. 
  • An in-depth look at the evidence to help you understand what burden of proof lies with the police and prosecution in your case. Remember, the court presumes your innocence. The prosecution has the burden of having to prove the allegations beyond reasonable doubt.
  • Insight into the types of defences you may make in your case. This insight may include contending that the incident did not rise to the level of sexual assault, that the act was entirely consensual or of course, maintaining that you did not commit such an act at all.

What Sets Our Sexual Assault Law Firm Apart in Canberra? 

McKenna Taylor is a diverse law firm characterised by our ability to go above and beyond for our clients, providing a premium service that offers the stability and clarity you may need in this challenging situation. Here is a look at what you can expect from our assistance:

  • Reliable legal insights. There are many potential defences beyond those previously mentioned and determining which is best for your case is an important step. We move swiftly on your behalf to gather the facts while time is essential. 
  • Respectable representation before the court. How the judge and jury perceive your arguments is crucial and presenting those arguments respectfully and appropriately is essential. We have extensive experience to put to use in providing an eloquent, measured response. 

Following an allegation of sexual assault, it is easy to feel lost and confused about your next steps. Facing the enormity of the justice system is not something you have to — or should — do alone. Instead, equip yourself with the best defence: a coordinated effort led by trusted professionals to present a strong voice for your side of the story.