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Violent Offences, Murder + Domestic Violence

Violent Offences, Murder and Domestic Violence in Canberra

Choosing an Assault Lawyer in Canberra to Help Make Your Defence

If you have reason to believe or otherwise know you are under investigation for a violent crime, it is imperative that you select an assault lawyer in Canberra without delay. Time is an especially important element for individuals who fear they may face charges of murder or manslaughter, which can carry gaol penalties from 20 years to life. Gaol time is potentially on the table even for offences that did not lead to death and developing a robust defence based on the facts of your situation is a process you should begin as soon as possible. 

The Benefits of Reaching Out to an Assault Lawyer in Canberra

Aside from setting legal minds to work on your case sooner rather than later, what are the other reasons to connect with a qualified legal team now?

  • Put an end to a racing mind. At first, you may be able to focus only on the gravest consequences possible. With an experienced lawyer, you can refocus on solutions instead.
  • Develop a better sense of what comes next. You should not have to face any event, such as a police interview or a court appearance, without your lawyer’s representation.¬†

What You Should Understand About Making a Murder Defence in Canberra

Contrary to movies and TV, defences don’t develop on the spur of the moment in a passionate plea to the court. Instead, murder defence is the result of careful considerations weighed in alignment with the law and the facts. Here are a few things to know about this process.¬†

  • Self-defence is a common explanation offered by individuals. If you believed your actions were wholly necessary to protect yourself, your family, and in some cases your property, you might argue you acted only in the interest of self-preservation.
  • Other defences may include mental incapacity or acting under duress. Your lawyer can only make these defences if the fact pattern of the case supports them, as the law establishes more narrow circumstances here than for self-defence.¬†

The Importance of Choosing Your Manslaughter Defence Lawyer in Canberra 

As your case develops, there are other reasons to rely upon a team that can provide robust support:

  • The presentation of your case in court matters. With professional and prepared counsel on your side, it is simpler to have your argument heard and understood.
  • In some cases, it is not possible to achieve an outcome that does not involve a conviction. In these scenarios, your lawyer must be able to make persuasive arguments in favour of more lenient sentencing.¬†

What to Expect from a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Canberra 

At McKenna Taylor, we deliver the kind of representation described above necessary for our clients facing these most serious charges. As we work together, you can expect:

  • Frequent updates and an approach that keeps you engaged but not overwhelmed. By handling everything, you can focus on what’s most important while we carefully steward your legal proceedings.¬†
  • The ability to handle complex cases and the need for appeals. In situations where your original case results in a conviction but there are complicating factors, we can assist you in pursuing an appeal.

The courts consider offences involving violence to be especially grave matters and approaching your legal requirements while gripped by the turmoil of your situation is not always straightforward. Ensure that you understand your next steps and how to prepare to seek a better outcome for your case.